Tractor Valet Bag

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This is the perfect kit suitable for tractor detailing.

This is the perfect kit for a tractor enthusiast.

Included in this kit are the following products:

500ml Detail Spray: a finishing spray to put the final spray in a freshly detailed tractor. Cleans and shines leaving paintwork gleeming.

500ml Long Life Rubber Dressing: a solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber surfaces. This product restores tyres, mud-flaps, rubber mats etc.

500ml Squeaky Glass Cleaner: a specially formulated silicone-free cleaner which will leave all tyes of glass looking crystal clear.

500ml GP 413 Multi-Purpose Cleaner: suitable for all cleaning tasks. Ideal for painted surfaces, vinyl, plastice and glass. Removes flies, traffic film and stubborn dirt.

500ml Powershine: heavy duty traffic film remover with rinse aid. This is one of our best selling products. Removes stubborn dirt and grime from all types of paint finish.

500ml Pink Sheen: a non-flammable dressing for use on interior plastic, vinyl, rubber and leather.

x1 Sponge

x1 Microfibre cloth

x1 K.E.W. storage bag




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