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The Power Patio from Nilfisk is a robust accessory

The Power Patio from Nilfisk is a robust accessory.

It allows you to clean flat surfaces. You can use it for ground cleaning decking, flag stone, walls, fences and up a wall with ease and with the minimum of fuss.

The power patio comes with 2 sets of cleaning nozzles. The pre-mounted standard nozzles are designed for everyday cleaning task. It will remove the majority of natural dirt from patios, driveways, paving decking, fences and walls. The dirt hammer nozzle are designed for more ingrained stubborn dirt and they offer a more powerful clean.

  • Twist lock on lance and cleaner to stop movement.
  • Twist and pull nozzle for quick changing.
  • Nozzle storage on patio frame.
  • Adjustable cleaning pressure for use with different surfaces.
  • Hand hold for vertical cleaning.
  • Splash free cleaning of large and intensive surfaces.
  • Cleans flat surfaces up to 5x faster.

The Nilfisk power patio cleaner also comes with an extension lance to reduce and prevent the user from stooping when cleaning horizontal surfaces. It also has an ergonomic handle for cleaning walls, fences and other vertical areas.

Compatible for all Nilfisk domestic pressure washers.

Replacements parts are also available for the Nilfisk Power Patio Cleaner. So after many years of wear and tear you can replace parts on the power patio saving you money and making your accessory last even longer. At north west power washers we stock a full range of parts from the nozzles to the brushes and lances that can be replaced on this power patio.

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