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This is the perfect kit for advanced car/tractor detailing and also makes a great gift.

This is the perfect kit for advanced car or tractor detailing.

Included in this kit are the following products:

1 litre of Long Life Rubber Dressing: a solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber services. This product restores tyres, mud-flaps, rubber mats etc.

1 litre of Snow Foam: this is PH neutral snow foam pre wash. This is best applied using a snow foam bottle.

500ml Regency Polish: an easy to use polish with a mild cut to restore lightly faded paintwork. Containing a blend of waxes including camauba wax to give a deep long lasting, resilient and detergent resistant shine.

500ml GP 413: this is a strong multi-purpose cleaner which can be used on the interior or exterior of any vehicle. Ideal for cleaning painted surfaces, vinyl, plastic and glass. Removes flies, traffic film and stains.

500ml Squeaky Glass Cleaner: a specially formulated silicone-free cleaner which will leave all types of glass looking crystal clear.

500ml Brite Clean: this is a non acid alloy wheel cleaner. Caustic based aluminimum wheel cleaner and brake dust remover.

500ml Tar & Glue Remover: great at removing subborn tar or glue off any vehicle.

500ml Detail Spray: this is used to top-up shine to an already polished vehicle. Cleans and shines leaving paintwork gleeming.

x1 Microfibre washmitt

x2 Microfibre cloths

x1 Sponge wax applicator

x1 K.E.W. storage bag





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