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An easy to use polish with a mild cut to restore lightly faded paint work.

Containing a blend of waxes including carnauba wax to give a deep long lasting, resilient and detergent resistant shine.

Regency Polish

New & Used Car Polish



Sovereign Gold


A durable, easy to use premium car polish. Contains carnauba wax for a high gloss, long lasting, durable, detergent resistant finish. Suitable for new and used cars.


Miscellaneous Car Valeting Products

Alloy Wheel Cleaner


Rapid action aluminium wheel cleaner.

Only available in 5 litre quantities


Long Life Rubber Dressing


A solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber surfaces. This product restores tyres, mud-flaps, rubber mats etc. to an as new appearance.


Long Life Bumper Dressing



A unique blend of solvents, waxes and oils for restoring plastic trim, bumpers and vinyl etc. for an as new appearance.


Pink Sheen

Vinyl Dressing



A non-flammable dressing for use on interior plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather and wood.


Carpet Shampoo Extra


High performance heavy duty fabric and carpet cleaner.

Combination low foam detergent, water softener, deodorant and brightener.

Formulated for professional use through water extraction machines.

Restores the colour and texture of carpets, seats and most fabrics.

Can be used as a pre-spotter.


Air Freshener

Apple/Cherry/Ocean Fresh



To freshen the air and mask stale odours.

Comes in three fragrances apple, cherry and ocean fresh.


Car Valeting Extraction Machine- Sabrina

IProfessional injection/extraction machine for fast cleaning of small areas of carpet, upholstery and hard floors. Compact machine with characteristics of larger machines. Ideal for use in car valeting, care homes, stain spotting, hire industry and hard floor maintenance. Machine sold with wand, handtool and hoses.



Splits into 2 sections for ease of transporting/carrying. Machine sold complete with wand, handtool & hose.



Solution tank capacity 14 litres. Recovery tank capacity 14 litres. Vacuum motor 1500w 3 stage x 1. Pump 4 bar (58psi). Cleaning width 270 mm. Number of jets 1. Cable length 10 m. Hose assembly length 2.5 m. Construction material expanded polyethylene. 1.5L/min (max). 3000mm water lift / 45L/sec (max).

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